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Miscellaneous Litigation

Some types of litigation defy an easy categorization. Our Arizona litigation attorneys have considerable experience in different types of litigation. If you have a case that does not fit into a neat category, you will want an attorney that is flexible and experienced Miscellaneous Litigation: Malpractice, Charter School Dispute, Real Estate Litigation, Landowner Disputes in blending different areas of law. Given our varied experience, we are uniquely qualified to litigate these types of cases. Recent cases we have had handled in this category include:

  • A dispute between two landowners regarding a strip of land between their parcels.
  • A lawsuit filed by an attorney against a person who had defamed the attorney and convinced a client to fire the attorney without cause.
  • A dispute between a homeowner and a homeowner’s association relating to improvements made to the homeowner’s residence.
  • A dispute regarding the legal status of Arizona Constables.
  • A legal malpractice case.
  • A medical malpractice case.
  • A case regarding laws relating to charter schools.


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