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    I would like to recommend Mr. Brad Denton and his firm for your legal matters. I had a matter that I presented to him after another attorney said I should settle for a very meager amount...
    Gunderson, Denton & Peterson has split to focus on our respective areas of practice. For Estate and Immigration law, please call Gunderson Law Group at (480) 210-8147.

    Trust and Probate Estate Administration

    When a person dies, that person’s assets are generally managed and/or distributed to that person’s creditors, heirs, or chosen beneficiaries through a process referred to as Estate Administration. If the person’s assets were held in the name of a trust, then the administration of those assets is referred to as Trust Estate Administration. If the person’s assets were held in the name of the individual person, the administration of those assets typically requires some court involvement. Those court proceedings are commonly referred to as Probate Estate Administration.

    Trust and Probate Estate Administration with the lawyers at GDP in Mesa and Phoenix

    Where there is a dispute about the administration of the person’s estate, the adjudication of that dispute is generally referred to as Probate Litigation.

    The loss of a loved one is difficult in all aspects. The administration of your loved one’s affairs can add dramatically to that stress. The attorneys at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson are experienced in these matters and are prepared to advise you and keep you well-informed on the legal issues so you can focus your time and energy on other important areas.

    If you need assistance with a probate matter please contact our law firm.

    Lawyers for estate planning and immigration in Mesa, Arizona

    Trust Administration For Beneficiaries
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    The attorneys of Gunderson, Denton & Peterson separated to focus on our respective areas of practice. Attorneys Brent Gunderson and Adam Gunderson continue to assist clients with issues involving Trust and Probate Estate Administration, from their offices at the Gunderson Law Group, P.C. You can contact the Gunderson Law Group by calling (480) 750-7337. You can also access their updated website here.