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    Gunderson, Denton & Peterson has split to focus on our respective areas of practice. For Estate and Immigration law, please call Gunderson Law Group at (480) 210-8147. For a personal injury attorney, please call Denton Peterson at 480-325-9900

    Arizona Immigration Attorney

    Immigration Laws and Attorneys That Can Help

    The Arizona Immigration Law requires that all employers verify that all new employees are legal residents of the United States. Employers who employ workers that are not authorized to work in the United States must contact Panahi Law Group since they could face severe penalties and sanctions. The Arizona Immigration Laws do not permit a law enforcement officer to stop an individual just because he/she thinks the person is an immigrant. There must be a legitimate suspicion that the person being stopped has broken a state or local ordinance or law in order for an arrest to be made. There must be enough probable cause against the individual before an arrest can be made without a warrant. Once the arrest has been made, every effort must be taken to verify that the individual is an illegal person in the United States. Once it is established that the individual is an illegal immigrant, that person is then turned over to federal authorities.

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    If you are having problems understanding the Immigrations Laws then you need to seek the professional advice of an Arizona Immigration Lawyer for your protection. An attorney can help you and your family through the legal problems and find the right solutions to protect your rights. An immigration attorney in Arizona can help immigrant families stay together while seeking permanent citizenship in the United States. Many immigrants will work in the United States under visas and want to stay once the visa has expired. A knowledgeable Arizona Immigration Attorney can explain all the immigration laws to you, file the proper paper work in the courts, and appear at the proceedings with you in court.

    Mesa Immigration Attorneys and Visa Cases

    Immigration Laws and Attorneys That Can HelpMany Mesa Immigration Attorneys have multilingual backgrounds and the experience in civil, common, and immigration laws. Attorneys that are fluent in English, Spanish and other languages will help clients to feel more comfortable, when dealing with legal problems with their attorneys. Mesa Immigration Attorneys are professionals who are well qualified to represent immigration clients in all sorts of problems concerning their visa and green card problems.

    Immigrants face many financial and emotional problems when problems arise with their visa status. An Arizona Visa Attorney can help clients to obtain employment, family and student visas. Your special situation will be given the time and resources needed so you have proper representation for your legal rights. Arizona Visa Attorneys have the extensive knowledge to represent immigrants in a wide variety visas situation.

    A Mesa Visa Attorney will assess your particular immigration circumstances and discuss with you all your options. Your unique situation will be evaluated so all the complex paperwork is completed properly for the courts. Your case will be accurately prepared whether it is for work visas, permanent residency, or family visas. No matter what is required for your case, your Mesa Visa Attorney will be well prepared and will prepare you to understand everything that is going on with your case.

    Immigration laws are changing, but an experienced professional immigration lawyer will devote all the time your case needs for your rights to be protected. Arizona attorneys have the knowledge and understanding to complete your paperwork on time and present your case properly in the courts, we even work with the best Italian citizenship lawyers as well.

    Q: What requirements do I need to bring my future wife back to the US from Colombia South America?

    I am an american citizen and i’m going to Colombia to marry my fiance. What is the financial and paperwork I need to for bringing her back to the US?

    A: Another option you may wish to consider would be for her to obtain a Fiancee visa and come to the US to get married. You would first file the fiancee petition with the Immigration Service in the US, for immigration and visa procedures contact www.immigrationvisaattorney.com/work-visa/ an experienced attorney at Sam Shihab & Associates. After that is approved, she will have a visa interview at the US consulate in Colombia. Upon approval of her Fiancee Visa, she can travel to the US. You and she will then need to get married within 90 days, and then she can apply to “adjust” her status in the US and receive her “green card.”

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    Driving Directions to Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C. Located at 1930 N Arboleda #201, Mesa, Arizona 85213

    Driving Directions From Phoenix Immigration Center to Gunderson, Denton & Peterson Located at 1930 N. Arboleda, Suite, 201, Mesa, Arizona 85213

    Start: Phoenix Immigration Center
    1990 W Camelback Rd # 407
    Phoenix, AZ 85015

    1. Head west on W Camelback Rd toward N 20th Ave 0.6 mi
    2. Turn left onto N Black Canyon Hwy 0.2 mi
    3. Merge onto I-17 S via the ramp on the left to Tucson 2.8 mi
    4. Take exit 200A for I-10 W/Interstate 10 E toward Los Angeles/Tucson 0.2 mi
    5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-10 E/Tucson and merge onto I-10 E 3.9 mi
    6. Take exit 147A to merge onto AZ-202 Loop E 16.2 mi
    7. Take exit 16 for Gilbert Rd 0.4 mi
    8. Turn right onto N Gilbert Rd 1.0 mi
    9. Turn left onto E McKellips Rd 1.5 mi
    10. Turn right onto N Arboleda
    Destination will be on the right

    End: Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.
    1930 N Arboleda #201
    Mesa, Arizona 85213

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