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Mesa Breach of Contract Litigation Attorney

Contracts serve an important purpose in business, and in our society generally. You enter into a contract so that you can be sure that the other party will honor your agreement—whether that other party is a business partner, supplier, employee, creditor, debtor, or something else. The point is to be sure that both parties know what is agreed, and will keep their ends of the bargain. Unfortunately, in the real world, parties to a contract do not always respect the terms of the contract they have agreed to. When a contract is breached, you need an experienced litigation attorney who can help you get what was promised in your original agreement. The breach of contract lawyers at our firm help clients in Mesa, Arizona and throughout the state.

If you are caught up in a situation possibly involving a breach of contract, our expert attorneys will review your contract thoroughly to determine the exact terms of the agreement. We’ll advise you about your best strategy moving forward. And then we will compile the evidence to create the strongest argument in favor of your interests.

Mesa Breach of Contract Litigation Attorney

Our lawyers handle breach of contract cases literally every single day. If someone has breached a contract with you, we know exactly what to do to hold them accountable. We have been helping all sorts of clients with breaches of contract—employment contracts, partnership contracts, operating agreements, supplier contracts, franchise agreements, and many more. Our clients include all types and sizes of businesses, and the cases we handle include all types of contract issues. We’re ready to help you.

Litigating Breach of Contract

Suing a party for breach of contract can be simple or complicated, depending on the situation. Not only might you be up against a time limit to bring the suit, but what defines “breach” of contract can depend on the words of the contract, the conduct of the parties, statutes and legal rulings, and other factors. Some of those might be completely unanticipated. There are other strategic considerations as well—legal and other cost, time spent, business reputation, personal considerations of the parties, and many others. The best breach of contract litigators are those who understand not only the legal issues, but the personal and individual ones. We pride ourselves on tailoring each client’s strategy to get the best possible result. In some cases that means early, aggressive, full-blown litigation. In others, a more nuanced approach is better. Sometimes pushing for settlement early makes the most sense.

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A breach of contract lawyer from our team can help you file your case in a timely manner and put together the strongest case to get you results that are appropriate for your situation. That includes going over every detail of the contract and putting together every argument we can for you, based on the context in the document, the way the law interprets such agreements, any supporting documents, and the behavior and communication of the parties.

An important part of almost every breach of contract case is compiling the evidence to show that the contract was breached. Sometimes the facts are not as straightforward as our clients would like them to be. In some cases, the breach may be evident, such as a supplier failing to deliver the promised goods by the agreed deadline (or at all). In others cases, the breach may be open to interpretation. One of the most important services a breach of contract lawyer can provide is advising you early in the process—to help frame the case in a way that will benefit you down the road.

Our attorneys will use eyewitness testimony, documents, forensic evidence, and more to prove your case and protect your interests in court.

Verbal Contracts

Ideally, your contracts would always be written and would be thorough in their details of your agreement. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and not all contracts are written. Our litigation lawyers can help to defend your legal rights if you have a verbal contract.

Some types of written contracts are not enforceable—but most are. Verbal contracts have special considerations. They are usually harder to prove than written contracts. The statute of limitations is usually shorter for a verbal contract than a written one. And as you analyze your case, you will probably want to frame the verbal agreement in a way that makes it most likely to be enforceable in court. For those reasons, among others, it’s extremely important to work with an experienced breach of contract lawyer who can use experience, the facts, and the law to prove your case. Our attorneys are experienced at litigating these kinds of cases, so they know the case law to use and the evidence to collect to get results. We work tirelessly to protect your legal interests.

Our Promise

When you work with our Mesa, Arizona litigation lawyers, you work with fierce legal advocates who will fight tirelessly for you. We explore every legal and factual angle to defend your rights and get the compensation you deserve for the breach of contract you suffered. Damages in a breach of contract case can include losses from payments that should have been made, the value of goods you never received, projected lost profits, and other categories. We work with a team of experts to put a dollar amount on your losses that accurately reflects the impact of the breach of contract.


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