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    I would like to recommend Mr. Brad Denton and his firm for your legal matters. I had a matter that I presented to him after another attorney said I should settle for a very meager amount...
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    Tempe may have modest historical roots, but it has grown to become a major city in Arizona. It is located near some of the top cities in the state, such as Phoenix and Scottsdale, and it has been the home of major corporations over the years, such as U.S. Airways and Go Daddy. It is also the home of Arizona State University.

    Tempe, Arizona Lawyers practicing in Immigration, Estate Planning, Business Law

    Whether you run a business in Tempe or you are just a private individual managing family assets or hired help, you need an attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. The attorneys at Gunderson, Denton and Peterson have been helping clients in Tempe get results for many years, and we can do the same for you.

    Our personal injury attorney team are also experienced in a number of areas of law, but our primary focus is on issues concerning business law, estate planning and immigration. Our complete list of practice areas includes:

    Our lawyers represent clients in a variety of civil cases, as well. Our firm can represent you in litigation, or we can guide you through the arbitration process or negotiations. We are also available for consultations to help you better understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

    You need a good business lawyer on your side whether you own a small corner shop or you have a giant corporation that you are ready to franchise to all 50 states with one pioneer personal injury attorney in each of them. Whether you need one lawyer or a team of attorneys, our firm is ready to help you.

    Tempe, Arizona Civil Law: Probate Administration, Business Immigration, Commercial Litigation

    We can counsel you on complex matters such as if you’ve been in a big truck debris accident, among other things, international finance, offshore accounts and immigration, or we can advise you to set up your franchise properly. If you’ve been seriously injured in  truck accident, you should immediately contact truck accident lawyers like these semi truck accident attorneys near me. They will know the difference between truck accident claims from car accidents and will be able to help you get a better injury settlement.

    For smaller businesses, we can help you understand your legal obligations and help you establish good employment and business practices that will protect you and your business from legal action.

    Our attorneys also specialize in estate planning, whether you have a business to leave behind or you are just an individual trying to make provisions for your assets and the guardianship of your children. We can help with simple matters like drawing up a will, or we can represent you in more complex matters like the administration of a trust or in probate litigation.

    Whatever your legal needs related to business law, estate planning or other civil matters in Tempe, one of our friendly and experienced attorneys can help you. We have established a strong reputation in Tempe for serious legal representation that gets results, get Canyon State Law criminal attorney in Arizona.

    We work with everyone from individuals who are dealing with their first legal case to large businesses who routinely need legal representation. Call Gunderson, Denton and Peterson today to discuss your legal needs and to learn more about how we can help you. Our experienced attorneys are ready to get results for you, visit Lane, Hupp, & Crowley official website for more information.

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