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    Starting Your Own Business
    vs Buying a Franchise

    Businessman starting new venture, on a race track toward his new path (the photo is analogy)Owning your own business has a lot of appeal. You get to be your own boss, be completely in charge of your own future and have the freedom to make your own schedule. When going into business for yourself, you have the option of starting your own or buying a franchise, click here to learn about food franchises for sale. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, and in the end it’s up to you to decide which will work best for you. To help you make a decision between the two, here are some of the benefits of each.

    Starting a nonprofit organization can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. It is wise to consider the attrition rate in the nonprofit arena before creating one. A large percentage of those that start nonprofits decide at some point that the benefits are not worth the work and give up on their charitable dreams. Creating a nonprofit is a lot of hard work, but so is creating any successful business. The steps to success require determination and resolve, and through it, all the rewards are worth the effort. Follow along with a step-by-step guide on how to start a 501c3.

    Starting Your Own Business

    You are your own boss. No ifs, ands or buts. There is no one else to answer to. You have full freedom to do as you wish with your business. If you wish to expand your business in Thailand, why not!  Just remember to get in touch with the BOI visa work permit services from Acclime so they can help you with the process.

    Full control. Everything from set up to business model is controlled by you. Since you are designing and setting up everything from scratch you will get a say in every step. You also get full control over each facet of the business, from buying and purchasing to payroll and benefits of any employees. You can also employ a Private Sector Umbrella company to help you run your business smoothly.

    No fees or royalties. With your own business, you don’t have to share the benefits of your hard work with anyone. Unlike a ready-made franchise, you do not owe any fees to the franchisor. Everything you make, you keep.

    Customizable marketing. If you are a marketing wiz, this benefit may be a huge one for you. With your own business, you get to formulate and implement your own marketing strategy. Any mistakes are yours alone; but you can learn from them and reassess your marketing plan.

    Set your prices and overhead. As the boss, you can set your prices according to the market demands, and also raise them as you see fit. You may also decide to run your business with minimal overhead expenses to maximize your profit. When you own a franchise, you are subject to the pricing and operating regulations of the franchisor.

    Buying a Franchise

    Higher chance of succeeding. Since the road map to success has already been paved, there is a higher chance of your business succeeding when you buy into a franchise, you just need to make sure you hire the right conveyancing warrnambool attorney.

    Easier to get financed. Since a well-known franchise already has a good track record, there is a better chance you will get a bank or other institution to finance your business venture, you just need to make sure to get the right conveyancing solicitor for professional property conveyancing services. On the other hand, banks may be a little wary of financing the significant investment a franchise usually requires.

    Extra support. Though you are paying fees to someone else, the tradeoff is that you are granted the support, purchasing power, legal help, developmental research and everything else that comes with starting a business. You get a proven business model that works, without having to figure it all out on your own.

    Recognizable brand. A huge benefit to buy franchising is that you get brand recognition. Along with the name, you get the loyal customers and preferred business pricing on supplies.

    No marketing. For those that do not like marketing and promoting, then this is a perk.  With a franchise, the parent company handles the advertising. Each location relies solely on the marketing efforts of the franchisor.

    Less room for mistakes. When you start a new business, chances are you are going to make mistakes, and some of them may be large and costly. However, with a franchise the franchisor has most likely made the mistakes already and you are getting a tried business model if you are looking for a good franchise you can find more information on Pita Pit here.


    Going into business for yourself will allow you to have both personal and financial freedom. However, whether you start your own business or buy into a ready-made franchise is up to you. It is a big decision and both ends have their own set of benefits. Weigh the pros and cons, ask questions and learn everything you can about each option to ensure that your decision is the right one for you.

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