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    Top Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

    It’s a common assumption that owning your own business requires lots of startup capital. This is not really feasible for most of us. However, this is not entirely true. There are actually quite a few franchises that have lower startup costs. Here are 10 of the least costly franchise opportunities that may interest you.


    1. Cruise Planners/American Express

    Do you like vacationing and helping others? Cruise Planners/AMEX assists travelers in booking their ultimate vacation. They specialize in low fare vacations, as well as large group parties such as weddings and business trips. Due to its relationship with American Express, the company can offer benefits exclusive to AMEX card members. Capital needed: roughly $10,000.

    2. The Drug Test Consultant

    This is a company whose services are always needed. The Drug Test Consultant offers drug testing services such as workplace testing, steroid testing, home drug testing and drug detection assessments. The program will provide you with complete training, a website and email address and all the material necessary to get you started. Capital needed: roughly $15,000. Addiction is a distressing experience for the addict and those who are close to that person. Addiction treatment, at its core, is about providing a healing experience that can bring about a profound change in that person’s overall quality of life through behavioral changes and improved coping skills. The best way to get that experience is through our luxury rehab South Florida. Legacy Healing provide the best Drug Addiction Treatment.

    3. Franchise Training Institute

    Work as a Franchise Broker and help others complete the purchase of their own franchise. You will act as the buying coach and sounding board for those who are in the process of buying a franchise. You will get the training necessary to help others succeed. Capital needed: roughly $17,000.

    4. Fresh Coat Painters

    Do you like home services and painting? Serving over 100 major cities in the United States already, Fresh Coat Painters has the power to provide you with a franchise that has done its marketing and branding. Capital needed: roughly $18,000.

    5. N Zone Sports

    If continuing to work a full-time job while building your franchise in youth sports sounds like an ideal situation for you, the look into N Zone Sports. You can build your business at your own speed, with a support team to back you up the whole way. Capital needed: roughly $20,000.

    6. Blue Coast Savings Consultants

    Advisors work with companies and help them rid themselves of unnecessary costs and also search for any unused benefits. Your job is to maintain the relationship with your clients, and Blue Coast’s Conversion Desk handles the rest. Capital needed: roughly $21,900.

    7. Dryer Vent Wizard

    Keeping clothing dryers properly maintained and clean are essential for homeowners and commercial building owners. Dryer Vent Wizard is a company that professionally inspects and cleans dryers, helping to prevent fires and costly damages that’d end up in you hiring professionals like Houston Fire Watch Guards, incurring undue charges. They can also professionally install vents. With the purchase of a franchise, you get all the training and equipment you will need. Capital needed: roughly $25.000. Consider investing in modular work platforms if your storage requirements change.

    8. Healthier 4U Vending

    If you are interested in food and staying healthy, this could be a franchise opportunity for you. Healthier 4U Vending is a delivery company that specializes in healthier food for people on the go. There are different levels of investment available, and you can own your own healthy vending machine which accepts debit and credit cards from your customers. The high-tech machines also allow you to access sales numbers and stock levels. Capital needed: roughly $25,000. Improve your indoor air quality from decent to healthy with blaux portable ac.

    9. Naturals 2 Go

    Another healthy vending company, Naturals 2 Go boasts 20 years of experience in the industry. With a system that is designed to allow you the freedom and benefits of working for yourself, you can choose to replace a full-time income or just make a little extra money in the healthy food vending business. Capital needed: roughly $25,000.

    10. Caring Transitions

    A company that helps with senior transitioning services such as household liquidation and elderly relocation, it is a home-based business that offers a lot of freedom. Capital needed: roughly $30,000.

    Buying your own franchise doesn’t have to be a very costly endeavor. As you can see, there are many lower cost franchise opportunities that are not only affordable, but could turn you into a successful business owner.

    The above numbers were obtained from third parties, and we urge you to confirm them with each franchise.

    As with any business investment, you should consult with an experienced Mesa franchise attorney before buying a franchise.

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