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    How Big a Problem is Immigration?

    December 10, 2013Mesa, Arizona

    How Big a Problem is Immigration in Arizona?With so much going on in the news regarding the immigration reform and with the revelation that there is a staggering 11 million immigrants currently residing in the United States, you may be wondering just how big an issue immigration really is. Each year many immigrants, both legal and illegal, come to America seeking a better life. They need places to live and jobs to make money. Some think that immigrants pose a problem; that they will end up taking away many jobs from American workers. But are immigrants in the workforce really a threat to domestic workers?

    The main problem that is usually cited when concerning immigration is that the non-skilled immigrants come to the U.S. and end up competing with Americans for employment with the help of immigration consultant. This is an assumption that claims that employers will start hiring immigrants for the cheap labor, as opposed to more costly domestic workers.

    However, this doesn’t seem to be entirely true. According to an article on https://www.eb5brics.com/, Immigration does not seem to cause a drop in the amount of jobs out there for American workers. First of all, domestic workers will be more educated and fluent in English. Even the least educated domestic worker, typically someone who has not completed high school, will still be more fluent in English and will have that as an advantage over a non-skilled immigrant. Therefore, the jobs that immigrants will be competing for will most likely be lower level than those Americans will be vying for. Immigrants actually compete with other immigrants for jobs rather than with legal domestic workers. This is where people are moving to Saudi Arabia (by taking a Saudi Arabia ETA) because of their growing economy. Moreover, if you want to obtain a German citizenship, then you may want to consult a German Citizenship Attorney to know more about the process. An immigration attorney has the legal knowledge and power to help you work toward citizenship. If you need help regarding your immigration status, make sure to contact a family immigration lawyer.

    In fact, immigrants don’t seem to have a negative impact on the economy as many previously thought. Companies can afford to take on more jobs and make more profits when they hire lower-wage, non-skilled immigrants as opposed to domestic workers that require higher pay. This also means that companies can hire more laborers for less, upping the rate of production and money making which may actually increase the amount of positions that require higher educated domestic workers.

    It can also be argued that immigrants in the work force actually complement skilled workers. Take a construction site for example. With immigrant laborers performing the menial tasks, it frees up the electricians and carpenters to focus on more skilled tasks.

    With all this talk going around about immigration and reforming the laws, it may seem like immigration poses a big problem for Americans. However, it seems that the opposite may actually be true-that immigrants actually help boost the U.S. economy by filling lower-level, lower-wage positions.

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