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    When filing for divorce in Utah, it’s important to understand that a few terms worth knowing when representing a father who was sued by a father seeking child support in a divorce. You’ll need a good deal of cash upfront, either with the child or from another source, and that money is never given to you, nor is it repaid as you progress toward the goal of raising your child. If you live in the United States, you’re bound by a statute that allows you to avoid paying child support without the direct consent of the mother. Mothers are often expected to fork over “child support” to fathers in order to get their children back. Those who want to undergo couples therapy may click here for more info.

    However, it is a misdemeanor in many states if a father in a divorce or custody case pays or accepts any payment from the mother directly. In other words, you may receive a payment directly from the mother, but as you’ve probably been told, the money comes from somewhere else. The next time you read a story about an abducted child, it was likely initiated by a woman who received a direct cash payment to move the child to safety.

    It was likely initiated by a woman who received a direct cash payment to move the child to safety. Likewise, you are encouraged by law to work with the mother to move custody of your child to the father. You may be able to settle an unpaid child support issue with the mother with the payment of money, but if you refuse, it becomes a contempt of court issue. If you go to court with the financial settlement in mind, you will probably have the mother and the father stand in front of you, each making a public plea to support and a payment. You may not want to hire a lawyer, but just go ahead and stand in front of them, and let them start talking. The father will likely make it clear that they don’t want to pay child support. At this point, the father may also get involved in the legal proceeding. Typically, in domestic violence situations, the police may be called to interview the woman and the child. You can find an Affordable Divorce Law Firm in Glen Burnie MD.

    The mother may plead with the police officer to not arrest her or her children for the act of domestic violence. Alternatively, if a court appoints a “position observer” to observe the situation, the mother may encourage the police officer to avoid arresting the children or interfere in the investigation. If you are representing a father who feels he is being treated unfairly, it is important to challenge the mother on the grounds that the child support or custody agreement she agreed to with you does not reflect current reality and is therefore unfair. If a father thinks he may be being unfairly targeted for divorce and custody issues, he should check out my link for legal help.

    If you are going to hire a lawyer, your attorney will prepare an answer letter, one that outlines to the mother, the truth of the matter and why the father deserves to be paid what he is owed. It will also include a response letter, one from you to the mother explaining your position and explaining why your proposed basic divorce agreement should be accepted. The exact language used in the answer letters will be determined by the specific circumstances of the case.

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