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    The Significance of Retaining Business Lawyers

    Business attorneys help with a wide range of legal aspectsBusiness owners are responsible for following their state’s complicated business laws. These laws frequently change, making it difficult for business leaders to remember what laws are in place and which ones are no longer in effect. Rather than navigate the legal process of owning and operating a business by themselves, businessmen and women in Arizona minimize their risk if they hire Phoenix business lawyers.

    Aspects of Business Law

    Business attorneys help with a wide range of legal aspects that pertain to owning and operating a company. While individuals may understand the basic components of Arizona business law, such as paying overtime to employees who work over 40 hours a week, or hiring teens who are over the state’s minimum working age, they are probably not experts in complicated legal matters. Many business owners have mistaken beliefs about the law as well. It is in their best interest and that of their company to hire an Arizona business lawyer.

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    is going to treat me fairly?”

    Business lawyers can assist with the handling of a business if they are injured or become incapacitated. They can help decide whether or not the company should be temporarily closed, or if another person should continue their duties. The client’s wishes can be documented and put into a legally binding contract. As such, the company could continue operating as the client would prefer.

    Additionally, many business owners require a variety of forms and other legal documents to be composed for them or their workers. Rather than constructing this paperwork by themselves, owners should allow their Arizona business attorneys to draft these documents. Business owners know that they have well-written and legally binding paperwork to support the operation of their companies.

    Staying within the limits of Phoenix’s business laws helps business owners remain viable and competitive in that state.

    The laws pertaining to business frequently change, and many people are not sure of which laws are still in effect and which ones aren’t.

    Hiring a PHX business attorney can help with these aspects:

    • Warranties and protection against being sued unfairly.
    • Power of attorney in case an individual becomes incapacitated and cannot run the business.
    • Drafting documents for operating a business such as employment agreements, non-compete agreements, shareholder agreements and more.
    • Making sure the client operates their business in a legal manner.

    To learn more about Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C. and our helpful and knowledgeable staff of Arizona business attorneys, contact our Phoenix office today at 480-325-9937.

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