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    Arizona Lawyer Reviews - Gunderson Denton & Peterson, PC

    Stacy Testimonial

    Stacy Testimonial … the way did I tell you both – “I got really lucky when I found you two on the internet!” I’m thinking I really got my money’s worth :0) and how often does that happen anymore! –…

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    Bruce C Testimonial

    Bruce C Testimonial Hi Bert, We were very pleased with your services and everything you did for us. You got us thru a very difficult time. We would definitely use your services again and would absolutely recommend your services to…

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    Melissa Testimonial

    Melissa Testimonial I’ve had two children naturally, ran 2 marathons and dealt with a crippling illness, but I’ve never felt as weak in my life as I did while dealing with all of this. I don’t think you understand just…

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    Jerry B. Testimonial

    Jerry B. Testimonial Dear Bert, Thank you for handling our case. We appreciate all you did for us. Your kindness saved us money and gave us peace of mind. I know you did a lot of extra legwork for us….

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    Rhonda Testimonial

    Rhonda Testimonial “I cannot even begin to express how much peace you have given me through your representation on my behalf. After Chris died, I was lost and the financial ramifications were overwhelming. Never having used an attorney before, I…

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    Mike R. Testimonial

    Mike R. Testimonial “Brad, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with my case. I appreciate the patience and dedication you had to help me resolve this case with [my former employer]. I will refer…

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    Curt H. Testimonial

    Curt H. Testimonial I had a consultation with Attorney Bert Millett at Gunderson, Denton regarding a mortgage modification/credit issue. Bert was extremely professional, courteous and fair. Bert was very knowledgeable on the issue and offered sound advice while remaining personable….

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    Peggy P. Testimonial

    Peggy P. Testimonial “Good Experience; Fast Resolution! I needed some advice on an employee on-call policy. Brad was responsive and efficient in helping me. I also appreciated that he took time to really understand my set up (which is a…

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    Ken B. Testimonial

    Ken B. Testimonial “I’ve worked personally and professionally with Brad Denton at GD&P since early 2000 and have always found GD&P’s work to be outstanding and their customer service impeccable. As an attorney myself, I understand the value of quality…

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    Mark Greenburg Testimonial

    Mark Greenburg Testimonial “Mr. Denton of Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C. has been our corporate attorney since 1994, and due to the diversity of our business interests, we have presented him with many different challenges. In every case, Mr, Denton…

    Jimmy Testimonial

    Jimmy Testimonial “When I contacted Brad Denton I was in serious financial trouble with a piece of land that I owned. My loan was for 196k and the land was worth around 35k. My lender refused to work with me…

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    Kerry Testimonial

    Kerry Testimonial Phenomenal Mesa Business Attorney “Brad Denton is extremely intelligent, accommodating, timely, and personable. Every time I’ve had a legal challenge Brad is always readily available to respond and does so proficiently. Seven years ago my wife and I…

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    Doreen Testimonial

    Doreen Testimonial The Complete Package in an Attorney “Brad is one of the best litigation attorneys, very high-caliber, very knowledgeable, and dedicated. If anyone is looking for a Mesa business attorney or Mesa litigation attorney, he is the one I…

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    Frank Testimonial

    Frank Testimonial I hired Bert Millett for two separate services. The first service was to draft an asset purchase agreement and consulting services agreement, both of which were completed in a timely manner with accuracy and a thorough understanding of…

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    Debra Testimonial

    Debra Testimonial Bert Millett did a great job on a very tight time line and made sure that my real estate deal closed. The cost was even reasonable as the task was quite complex and involved many individuals and competing…

    Read the rest of Debra Testimonial

    David Farnsworth Testimonial

    David Farnsworth Testimonial From the moment I first contacted Gunderson, Denton, and Peterson I have been consistently impressed with their courtesy, skill, and professionalism. I would recommend Brad Denton to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable in matters of the law…

    Jesse & Ofelia Blair Testimonial

    Jesse & Ofelia Blair Testimonial Thank you guys so much for helping us out and taking care of all the legal documents for Ofelia! You guys made it possible and helped us through it all! Thanks again for everything and…

    Jose S. Testimonial

    Jose S. Testimonial I would like to take this time to let you know that today I had my interview for citizenship. All went well, it took 15 minutes and I was nervous the whole time. Now all I have…

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    V. Blumen Testimonial

    V. Blumen Testimonial I am an out of state real estate investor looking for distressed properties in Arizona. I was looking for a good lawyer to help me out on a closing and give me some general advice and counsel….

    Read the rest of V. Blumen Testimonial

    Nathan W. Testimonial

    Nathan W. Testimonial I hired Mr. Millett to create an operating agreement for a newly started real estate business. Millett was honest and straightforward throughout the entire process, and completed the work well before the deadline we discussed. Communication was…

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    Dennis O. Review

    I deeply appreciate the outstanding service and legal assistance I received from Mr. Bert Millett. I recently had to seek legal advice concerning the selling of my home in Mesa and I was extremely pleased with the immediate attention he…

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    Ken B. Review

    I don’t know about the other guys… but Mark Egan (atty) and Debbi Mitchell (paralegal) have been great. I had to do an i601 and i212 for my wife (who is from Fiji). He told me he had only done…

    Read the rest of Ken B. Review

    Cheryl B. Review

    I would like to recommend Mr. Brad Denton and his firm for your legal matters. I had a matter that I presented to him after another attorney said I should settle for a very meger amount. That amount would not…

    Read the rest of Cheryl B. Review

    Robert G. Bradford Review

    Recently I made contact with your firm regarding a court action filed against me. I contacted Bert Millett to discuss the matter. He invited me to his office, and we had a very cordial and informative discussion. I outlined my…

    Read the rest of Robert G. Bradford Review

    Mary G. Review

    I used Mr. Brad Denton as my attorney to help represent me in a case against my former employer where they wrongfully terminated me. Although I’m still waiting on the outcome of the hearing, I wanted to get on here…

    Read the rest of Mary G. Review

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