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      A Lesson in Court Etiquette: The Sterling Standard

      A Lesson in Court Etiquette: The Sterling Standard by Sterling Peterson Litigation Lawyer

      A Lesson in Court Etiquette: The Sterling Standard
      Presenting yourself correctly in a court hearing is an important part of your case.
      Phoenix, Arizona

      One of the most public probate court hearings of 2014 was that of the $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. The approved sale was overshadowed by the question of Donald Sterling still being a co-trustee of the Sterling Family Trust. After Sterling’s wife had him removed from the Trust on grounds of mental incapacitation the question stood; did Donald Sterling have any say in the sale of the basketball team?

      It is not difficult to see that a “co-trustee” like Donald Sterling, who is arguing that the sale is invalid, should actually be present for the hearing. However, on the first day, Sterling was called to testify and did not appear when legally obliged to do so, according to the Washington Post. Pierce O’Donnell, Shelly Sterling’s attorney, then moved to have a bench warrant issued, but no warrant was made.  Medical malpractice happens when a medical professional neglects or doesn’t provide the mandatory treatment to their clients that ends in injury for which may require the intervention from a work injury benefits attorney.

      Most individuals usually are not conscious of the fact that they can take legal action towards medical professionals that cause them injury. In the event you believe you could have been injured by the hands of improper medical care you must consult with an attorney from www.stephenbabcock.com as soon as possible. Every year many individuals are harmed from medical procedures from surgery to the prescribing of incorrect medications. It’s also good to have a medical malpractice insurance ready when you experience this.

      There is no such thing as a limit to what medial area you can turn out to be a sufferer of medical malpractice. Don’t restrict yourself to only believing it has to be solely the medical profession that may cause this. Insurance companies that deny claims may be found in violation of medical malpractice laws. It is always crucial to get the advice of an lawyer if you happen to believe you could have been the victim of such causes. People need to know that if they are the sufferer of medical malpractice they’ll almost certainly have costly medical bills, mental and bodily related issues, loss of work, medical costs and at occasions additional help can be needed. All of those costs will add up shortly and when a person is injured to the point that they cannot work it will possibly weigh closely on their minds. That is after all where one needs to seek legal action to recoup their losses and return to a life of normalcy. You can contact to Brooklyn Law Firm, if you want legal advice.

      While Sterling did take the stand the following day, he chose to adopt a rather unorthodox approach, criticizing the doctors who examined him (and alleging one of them was drunk during the examination), telling the court that the doctors should not be practicing medicine, and lambasting his wife’s attorney with various sarcastic, condescending, and sometimes profane remarks. He went so far as to tell opposing counsel that he did not believe they had “been practicing for very long”, despite the fact that his wife’s attorney graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1954.
      Such behavior can only hurt his, and your own, court case. Here are a few useful tips that can be learned from watching Sterling’s case unravel.

      Physical Presence

      Always leave yourself plenty of time to arrive at any hearing in which you are involved. Remember, accidents and distractions occur at the most inconvenient moments and you want to have enough time to deal with them and still be ready for a hearing later in the day. Showing up to any legal action tardy (or, worse, not at all), be it a brief court appearance or a trial, is easy ammunition against you and your case and can result in fines, penalties, default judgments, or worse. Sterling’s attorneys explained that they believed the presiding judge would use more time for a ruling on jurisdiction, but this is no excuse. If you are involved in a hearing, be present regardless of whether you believe you will not have time to testify on a particular day.

      State of Mind

      It is easy to get irritated and emotional in civil litigation, but as any civil litigation lawyer will tell you,  it is best to remain calm, cool, and collected. Attaining a positive outcome hinges on being able to converse with counsel, and the court, will not only demonstrate how seriously you take the matter but will also allow you to answer questions and make comments in a coherent and compelling manner. Sterling’s choice to allow his anger get the best of him comes off as overconfident at best and will, ironically, present him as someone who might actually have some mental incapacitation – the exact opposite of what he needs to do. Remember, judges and juries are focused on the subject (you) and will react negatively to rude and inappropriate remarks.

      Strategy and Preparation

      While legal action is certainly no sport, the proverbial “proper preparation precludes poor performance” remains just as helpful. It is important to be prepared and have a strategy when going into a hearing. Not appearing when required to do so is demonstrative of your lack of preparation and care – regardless of reason, this is how others will use and view it. Worse, showing up and being confrontational is weak and reflects poor strategic skills. Arriving prepared and having, at least, a loosely set strategy in mind will not only save you time, but it will give you the right amount of confidence you need to persuasively present your side of the story when testifying.

      Right Attorney

      As with anything, having the right expert guide you through your legal process will greatly strengthen your case. A good Injury lawyer will not only help you prepare and establish a good strategy in answering questions, but will smooth out the entire adversarial process.

      Author Brad Denton Written By
      Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

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